Live and Mobile Studio Recording

*Please see an overview of my recording setup under the contact form*

I am available to record and master your session, live event, track or album. I am currently booked almost solid through June, 2017 – but I’m happy to put you on the schedule after that point or sooner, if the stars align.

I price every project individually. We’ll have a 30 minute conversation where you’ll through explaining what you want and then I’ll tell you how much I can do it for & what it’ll take to get you there.  I’m a musician who loves to record and master. I’m also building a portfolio. Which is to say that you have a budget and we’ll stick to that budget while getting you everything that I can in terms of recording time and sound design. The first step is you contacting me:

In 2014, I began recording my sessions with the varied group of musicians that I play with. Since these initial sessions, I’ve gone on to record live sessions, live albums, single studio tracks, and studio albums for a variety of musicians and musical styles.  I’ve built a solid mobile recording rig that works great in both live and mobile settings where a large studio setup might not be possible due to space or budget constraints.  The rig currently consists of the following:

  • Focusrite Clarett 8Pre
  • Audient ASP800


On the microphone end, I use:

  • Rode NTK  Tube Condenser
  • AKG P220
  • AKG Concert1 Drum Kit – 7 piece
  • 2 Sennheiser e906s
  • 2 Shure M57s

On the back end I use Ableton Live as a DAW. For mastering I use Waves and Softube plugins