Woke Up Falling

I stand on a porch.
She stands in the rain.
all in grey with white shoes
Screaming that she wants to go
to the amusement park. Screaming
that it’s the only way she can see

I wonder if she can hear me
when I say I’m sure it’s closed.
I believe she considers
mud seeping through cracked cement
I believe she knows
the tents will be heavier than they should

I think she starts to cry but,
it’s just rain running down her cheek.
Her body convulses but
she’s just dancing.
I know she’s quick enough to dance between
the rain drops and imagine a beat as they hit the ground.

The wind blows hard from the
left allowing the rain to bypass
my roof and it hits me……..
They are in Cahoots!
They have a plan.
Every rain drop that hits the ground plants a mine.
She wants me to step on one and be blown apart.
My body flying up in the air all Saftey orange and
Advertisement red.
Just so she can dance between the pieces of what
I used to be,

I go back inside
I lock the door
I look out a window.
She stands there,
dodging the rain until it stops and
we both fall asleep.

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