The people down the street
well we get along just fine
we get together during the week
and we play music in living rooms
with hardwood floors and
heavy drapery

On the weekends we see each other
out to dinner, at the movies
eating lobster and drinking wine.
Talking about getting together during the week
and playing music
In whose living room?

There are times though, when we don’t get together.
Court dates and jealous
wives and husbands
Soccer games and family reunions
Sickness and death
Excuses and exaggerations
babies and blown car tires.

John can’t make it tonight gang, His baby is sick and his car tire just blew out.
Someone says the next day they saw John
and his baby
That very night
Eating lobster and drinking wine.

We’re never very far.
We’ve eyes for mouths
mouths for eyes.

Janet cannot make it tonight gang, Her husband is jealous
of the lawyer she’s spending so much time with
She has a court date.

“That’s too bad.”

Someone says the next day that they
saw Janet and her Lawyer
Drinking wine and moaning low.

“Does her husband know?”
“That’s who told me.”

Someone’s always right there
The reach is far
We see your lies.

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