On Fruit

“Knowledge” is a fair rhyme for “orange” (the fruit),
though it’s evident that very few people
have noticed this, despite rather obvious
connections between justified true belief
and the vivid pigments of a citrus rind.

“Orange” is also the name of a color,
the color of an orange, but superficial
qualities sound forced, too astringent, when rhymed.

Limes are weak sisters of cousins once-removed,
whose continued existence is largely due
to their perceived necessity in mixed drinks
where one would never think to use a lemon.

But here’s the thing: What became of the kind fruit,
by fingers of little children easily
peeled, called tangerines? And what ever happened
to that sad Nazarene still bickered over?

Be grateful for grapefruit — the bittersweet flesh
sings volumes, from the G clef of plain English.

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